Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playing Hardball

     After a few recent on-going debates I have been having with anonymous internet users it has struck me how few Pro-Abortion-Choicers are not even aware of their side's most sophisticated arguments. Almost all Pro-abortion-choicers use stories of back-alley abortions, or rhetoric of choice, or rare-case scenarios in place of real arguments. These can all be refuted by simply showing the scientific facts that an unborn human is a human being - and thus if we are logical and consistent these human beings should be as valuable as any born human being. If you are reading this post and disagree with these assertions, I suggest you read some of my previous posts because I am not going to address the questions of human value and personhood here. However, these types of arguments are not the best arguments that the pro-abortion-choice side has to offer. There IS a seemingly possible way for abortion-choicers to say, "Yup, I agree that unborn human beings are not a part of my body and they are equal in value to you and me; but I will still defend abortion." This is when you know you are playing HARDBALL apologetics and philosophy - when a person tells you they accept that the unborn are valuable human persons but a pregnant woman may kill them anyway. To demonstrate first how they will make this argument, I will present an example that was first put forth by Judith Jarvis Thomson. It goes something like this:

     Imagine that one morning you wake up and discover that you have been drugged and moved to a hospital (against your will) and find yourself connected to many various medical machines. Strapped to your back is a man who is currently unconscious. A nurse approaches you and informs you that you were kidnapped by the National Violinist Society but then rescued and brought to the hospital (all during last night) and that the man strapped to your back is a world-famous violinist. The poor violinist has recently come down with some kind of kidney failure that would be fatal unless he could borrow the use of a kidney from a person who matched his particular type. The nurse informs you that your kidney was just the right type, so the crazy violinists from the National Violinist Society connected your kidney to the violinist's kidney while you were knocked out. The nurse says, "Now, we could disconnect you from the violinists, but then he would die. And you will only have to remain this way for 9 months, at which time the violinist will recovery from his kidney ailment and can safely be disconnected. So I really am sorry about your situation, but his right to life trumps your right to not be connected to him. So don't you see that you must remain connected to the violinist, whom you did not choose to be connected to, against your will for the next 9 months".

     The abortion-choicer who presents this situation to you is counting on the fact that you will agree with their intuition that the given situation is unjust.  They suggest that it would be very good and noble of you if you did choose to remain connected to the violinist to save his life, but that you by no means have to remain connected. You may choose to disconnect if you wish because you do have a right to bodily autonomy. You don't have to offer your body up to another person who could use your body to save their life. If this were true, we would all be obligated to donate every spare drop of blood, plasma, bone marrow, etc. that we can spare to other people who could use it. Thus, the abortion-choicer concludes, the same goes for abortion - you may choose to disconnect if you wish.
     I agree that the scenario presented is unjust. I agree that you have a right to disconnect from the violinist if you choose. However, this argument does not justify abortion. It may make you pause for a moment, but you will see that it is not justified. I am 100% confident that pro-lifers can make a very strong counter-argument that dismantles this Argument from Bodily Autonomy. Otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up. To begin addressing why you have a right to disconnect from the violinist but have an obligation to remain connected to the unborn human person we must point out the differences between the violinist situation and a pregnancy situation.


  1. The neediness of the unborn person is caused by the intentional acts of the person they are connected to. This is the most important difference.  Unborn human beings are in a state of neediness (when they need to be physically attached to their mothers to survive) because of the acts of the mother and father. They had sex with the knowledge that it may result in the existence of another human being who would be dependent on them for life - they caused this to happen. So to relate to the violinist example - let's change the circumstances a little to better reflect the circumstances of pregnancy. Let's say that you knowingly took part in an act that could cause the violinist's kidney failure. When we add this line to the story, I believe our intuitions tell us that you DO have an obligation to sustain the violinist - you were the reason he needed your support in the first place.
  2. The violinist is a complete stranger, the unborn are our own children. In order to claim that the violinist situation is the same as abortion, you must accept that we do not owe our children any more obligation than we owe a complete stranger. Again, let's add to the violinist story to make it more like pregnancy. Let's say that the violinist is actually your son. Now we certainly have at least an increased obligation. Maybe this is not quite enough to convince some people that you must remain connected to your son, but it definitely nudges our conscience in that direction.
  3. The violinist is connected through unnatural, artificial means while pregnancy is a natural, normal event. The very thing that makes the violinist situation frightening is that you wake up and find yourself in a strange, cold place with tubes and wires connected to you. Its an unnatural connection that we find somewhat repulsive. Pregnancy is a natural and normal thing. It is how we all began and many people would call it beautiful. This is a noteworthy difference.
  4. The violinist has a pre-existing pathology requiring their connection, unborn human beings are exactly where they are supposed to be. It is one thing to have to cure a violinist of a disease you are completely uninvolved with, but it is somewhat different when the person connected to you is biologically meant be connected to you because they are healthy. Even if a particular unborn person has some kind of genetic disease or abnormality - they are not connected to you because he or she is sick, they are connected because that is what healthy unborn babies do.
  5. Most abortions do not simply 'disconnect' you from another person, they actively kill another person. Most abortions either burn the fetuses alive or tear him or her limb from limb. Consider this scenario: You come home one day to find a sickly, unconscious man on your living room floor. You do have a right to remove him from your home. However, if the only way you can remove the man from your home is by throwing him off a cliff you may not do it. The same goes with abortions - even if you do have a right to 'disconnect' or 'remove' the unborn human being, if the only way you can do that is by actively killing (burning, dismembering) him or her you may not do it. Now, some few abortions do simply disconnect and wait for the fetus to die by itself - so by this argument you could say that some forms of abortion are okay, while the majority of kinds of abortions are not okay. This seems odd, but at least it is consistent (if you ignore the other 4 differences/points I've made already, that is).
     Put all of these differences together and we have a very different situation than the original story and our intuitions tell us something very different. Instead of being unnaturally connected to a sick stranger and choosing to 'disconnect', you find yourself naturally connected to your own healthy child who is reliant on you because of your own actions and choosing to 'disconnect' means you must tear their body limb from limb. Just the first two differences should be enough to change our minds - you find yourself connected to your son to sustain his life as a result of something you did to make him that way for a temporary amount of time. Thus, the Argument from Bodily Autonomy fails in the circumstance of abortion. The Right to Life stands firm.

     This is hardcore stuff. This is Playing Hardball.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Gives Humans Value?

Both sides of the abortion issue have to answer this question - What makes human beings valuable? I think when it comes down to it, this is the biggest point of disagreement between pro-lifers and pro-abortion-choicers. It is undeniable that from the earliest time of its existence, human embryos/fetuses are in fact human. Anyone who denies that a human embryo is not human is rejecting science. However, many abortion-choicers get around this fact by creating a "Personhood Argument". They argue that humans are not valuable until they become "Persons", then define for themselves what "Personhood" means. The most common definitions of personhood I have heard are that persons have to be either, 1. Self-Aware or, 2. Have Sentience. These are the most common, but any definition of the personhood claim can be refuted.

Those who say self-awareness or having sentience is what gives fetuses value are saying that is what gives all humans value. There is a major problem about this: it then follows that people who have more self-awareness or more sentience are more valuable than those with less self-awareness or less sentience. This goes for any definition of personhood; whether it be the number of cells in the body or the ability to move or anything else - it is simply logically consistent to have to then accept that people who have more of whatever "personhood" is defined by are MORE valuable. This completely trashes the concept of equality that our society so firmly believes in (and rightly so).

Other problems of saying sentience/self-awareness are what gives humans value, is that people who make this argument to justify abortion must be referring to an immediate capacity for self-awareness/sentience. Since embryos/fetuses will eventually gain the ability to be self-aware and gain sentience, these young humans obviously have the potential capacity. In order to make this argument logically consistent with the claim fetuses are not valuable, you must accept that immediate self-awareness/sentience gives you value. So what about when you go to sleep? Are you very self-aware when you go to bed? No. So does that mean I can kill you while you sleep? I think that by this "logic" I COULD kill a sleeping person because they are no longer immediately self-aware and therefore have lost their personhood value. The same goes for people in reverse-able comas, people under anesthetics, some of the mentally-ill. (What is even stranger, is that some intelligent animals are self-aware. Therefore it would seem to follow that you have to regard some animals as valuable persons, but that some humans lack that same value.)

My last point against the sentience/self-awareness argument is that I have never heard a supporter of this view support WHY it is that sentience/self-awareness matters. It is an unsupported premise. What is it about sentience/self-awareness that makes it more important than other human traits? Why not hair color? Why not skin color? Why not the number of brain cells? Yeah, sentience enables us to do many things, but I don't see how that makes it the intrinsic value-giver of the universe. iPads enable us to do many things, also - that does not at all mean that iPads gives people value. Stating that sentience/self-awareness gives humans value is an unsupported premise in the defense of abortion.

But as I said, both sides of the abortion debate must answer the question what gives humans value? If pro-lifers are going to say embryos and fetuses are valuable, they better be able to explain why. And I think we can.

As we saw with the sentience/self-awareness argument, it screws up the firmly held belief that all people have equal value. The pro-life explanation for what gives people value needs to be consistent with the idea of equality in order to beat the sentience/self-awareness explanation. I think it is logical to state - "If all people have equal value, whatever trait that gives us value we must all have an equal quantity of it." So what trait do we all have equally? It is not sentience; it is not self-awareness; it is not a beating heart (some people have heart failure/need medicine to regulate their heart); it is not the ability to breathe (some people need ventilators); and the list could go on and on. There is no physical or mental trait that all humans have equally, except one: a common human nature. All people are equally human. In order to be consistent with the idea of equality, we must accept that the very fact of being human makes us valuable. Thus, human embryos and fetuses are just as valuable as you and me.

To be fair, I must also explain why being human matters. Why not being a dog? Or a bird? Why are humans valuable while other species are not? The answer to this is both simple and complex: Because humans are made in the image of their creator.  Yes, this requires a spiritual/religious premise - but I don't think that saying fetuses have value is any more religious than saying teenagers have value. I challenge anyone who rejects this premise to try to define ANYTHING as intrinsically valuable without some sort of meta-physical premise. Furthermore, people should not reject a statement simply because they consider it meta-physical. Saying, "Metaphysical claims are not real knowledge" is a metaphysical claim. Likewise, saying empirical evidence is the only source of true knowledge/truth is also a metaphysical claim. Therefore, those who reject this premise of a creator that deemed humans as valuable must provide some other argument against it other than, "It is metaphysical."

In summary:
1. Defining personhood and intrinsic human value by any physical or mental trait trashes the firmly held belief of human equality.
2. Pro-lifers believe that simply being human is what makes humans intrinsically valuable and equal.
3. Since embryos/fetuses are human, they should be regarded as valuable people, equal to you and me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Basic Biology

     Although I am a Biomedical Science major, I have not yet taken any biology classes in college. I have only taken (and passed) the AP Biology exam in high school. But just that minimal knowledge of biology has been enough for me to understand how reproduction works. You would think that what I am about to explain would be common knowledge and commonly understood, but in our world of Choice it apparently is not.

     First, some background information.  There are 2 types of reproduction: asexual and sexual. The cells that make up our bodies reproduce asexually, meaning that almost every cell can divide into two "daughter cells". This is how we grow or heal wounds (mostly). But we as a species reproduce sexually. I know we all know this, but like I said, apparently a lot of people don't understand what this means.
     A new organism is produced via sexual reproduction by two haploid cells combining to make one diploid cell.   In humans, haploid cells are the sperm and egg. They are called HAploid because they have HAlf the number of chromatin necessary to develop.  So when you combine TWO haploid cells, we call it a DIploid cell because you now have twice the amount of chromatin, which now make the normal 26 paired chromosomes.  Scientifically, the first diploid cell is a new, unique, living organism. All animals reproduce this way, and even plants.
     Another seemingly common-sense statement: species reproduce new organisms of the same species. SO, when two HUMAN haploid cells combine, SCIENCE tells us that those HUMANS have created a new organism that is the same species: HUMAN. (After all, what do people think sex was developed by evolution for? Just for fun? And then it just happened to be a good way for reproduction to fit into the mix? No! Obviously the way sex was created by evolution was because it could reproduce. The reason we genetically want it so bad is because reproducing is REALLY important, so nature (God) made sure we really liked it).

     So Pro-Life realizes how this reproduction works and has adjusted our views about human life to incorporate it. Pro-Choice, on the other hand, has tried to find ways to avoid this SCIENTIFIC PROOF that a fertilized human egg is a human. Apparently they think there is some sort of extreme and undetectable exception to human diploid cells that make them different from every other species on the planet that reproduces in the same way.  I am going to list a few common Pro-Choice arguments dealing with early stage of human development and explain why they are inconsistent or flawed.
     "Humans are multi-cellular organisms. A single cell is not Human. Therefore, it can be removed if we want." This statement needs a correction: Humans are multi-cellular organisms for a majority of a human's life. From nearly day 1, that single diploid cell begins dividing and growing. But it is a fact that every human began as a single cell. We just don't see people while they are in this short single-cell stage of development, so we aren't used to thinking about it that way. So, in order to be consistent with this view, Pro-Choice needs to say that it is sometimes OKAY to kill humans, based on their size or abilities.
     "Early cells of what will develop into a new life cannot think or feel. They do not have sentience. They are not persons in the same way that I would consider you or I persons."  This argument draws a sharp contrast between being HUMAN and being a PERSON. Just to begin thinking this way should scare us. Saying there is a difference between being human and being a person is the same mind-set that helped the Nazis with their concentration camps.  A truly compassionate and loving society would treat all humans as persons.  If we try to redefine personhood, we are falling into the same mistakes that every society in history has made. In Ancient Greece and Rome, you had to be 18 years old and sometimes own property in order to be considered a full person and have rights. In some societies, parents could kill their children if they wanted because they weren't "persons" yet.  In early American history, if you had black skin you weren't considered a person. We are making these same mistakes. We're saying you have to have detectable brain waves, or be developed enough to feel emotions in order for us to consider you a person. (Not to mention how a consistent view of this treats the mentally ill or disabled) We need to stop drawing these lines and encompass all humans in our scope of compassion and life. This would seem like common-sense, but sadly it is not.
     "If you tell me that killing a single human cell is equivalent to murder, then every time I scratch my nose I'm committing genocide." When you scratch your nose, you're killing off less than 0.0001% of your body's cells. When you kill a human zygote, you're killing 100% of that organisms cells. You have killed that organism. Since that organism is human, you've just killed a human. Common sense? Apparently not...

     This is why I get so upset when I see or hear people say that Pro-Life is outdated religious beliefs. I see it completely opposite. Pro-Life has seen the science, seen the facts, and incorporated it into what we believe. People seem to think that its different because the early stages of that human lives in his or her mother. But that is just a fact of nature.

     As mammals, we live inside our mothers for the first 9 months of our lives.
     I don't know why I would be any more upset about that than I would be upset about the fact that I don't have wings like a bird.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today I found this video from Students for Life of America:

I thought this was a powerful and beautiful video. It got me thinking: "What would a video like this from the Pro-Choice side look like?" I have a hard time picturing how the other side could even attempt to make a video like this intended to be beautiful and powerful.  Is there anything beautiful about the "right to choose an abortion"? If anyone reading this can give an example to answer this question, please comment or message me. Because I'm stumped.

So why is it that the Pro-Life movement seems easily able to create emotionally powerful messages? Why is there beauty here? After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is because the Pro-Life movement is not focused on itself. Those who support Life have nothing to gain - we all survived to birth. Abortion is no longer a threat to us. But we are going to fight for our fellow human beings who are being dealt the ultimate injustice - having their life violently taken from them during the most precious and vulnerable stage of life. Pro-Choice is focused on 'the Self': what I want, MY body, MY choices. That's why we have difficulty finding beauty on the Pro-Choice side.

Think about this:
Why do we find weddings beautiful? Why do parents weep for joy at the child's birth? Why are we inspired by the crucifixion? Why do we find movies like The Titanic or Saving Private Ryan beautiful or tearjerking?
It is because the beauty in humanity is in self-sacrifice. Weddings are beautiful because two people are giving up themselves for each other. The birth of a child is beautiful because it is all about someone ELSE's new life. The crucifixion is the ultimate sacrifice for other people, who don't deserve it at all but received that sacrifice anyway. Movies are powerful when people put others before themselves.  Warriors who are inspired in battle do it for the sake of the freedom or life of those they love. Self-sacrifice is what we naturally find beautiful. It has been this way throughout all of humanity.

I don't think Pro-Choice people can be inspired forever. It requires fighting for other people to be truly inspired. When fighting for yourself, eventually you'll get sick of yourself.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Judge Me

(This post was written by my girlfriend, who is a student nurse)

"My mother didn't want me. I was exposed to toxins while in the womb which caused me to look like this. Thats why I depend on others for everything. I didn't ask to be a burden. If I could have, I would want to be able to run and go to college someday, maybe have my own family. But thank you for letting me live. Thank you for showing kindness to me and allowing my smile and laughter to touch your heart. Thank you for loving me. "

Recently I worked on the pediatric intensive care unit, it was my first time on the PICU, though I had worked on the regular pediatric unit previously. My shift started at 7am, I had finished receiving report by 7:15 and the 3rd shift nurse was going to help the day shift nurse and I turn the patient and then leave. I won't go into all the medical details but suffice to say the patient's heart rate dropped and the next thing I know my nurse is calling for a doctor, a crash cart and a whole team of people were pouring into the room. They did CPR for 15 minutes and then pronounced him dead less than an hour into my shift.

Death is a part of nursing, I've always known this, but this was the first time I've witnessed it, and it being my own patient, and a pediatric patient was not how I had anticipated my day starting. The boy who had just passed away was 15 years old. He had many health problems and had never led the life of a normal 15 year old, like my brother Michael. Unlike Michael he did not get up every morning and go to school, he did not run or play golf in the summertime with friends, he did not build k'nex creations and legos with his hands when he was a young boy. He was born with a condition that made him completely dependent on those around him. He had been exposed to harmful substances pre-natally and it affected him his whole life. He was cared for by his sister who was like a mother to him.

Yesterday in my maternity class we discussed among other things, genetic testing and how early it is done. It was brought up that they try to do it early enough so that way if the child has downs syndrome for example, the parents can choose to abort their child so they don't have to deal with the disability or the child won't have to live with it. It made me think about my patient who I had previously who passed away. You would think that he was a prime candidate for being aborted, I mean what kind of life did he live? And the burden it must have been to his family to care for him his whole life, in and out of the hospital etc. Yet, he was so loved.

The nurses in the room started weeping when he passed away because he had been a patient there since his birth, and many knew him and his family. Later, when I was talking with the nurses, something they all said many times was what a joy he was. He smiled and had an infectious laugh that made everyone laugh with him.  He had impacted the whole hospital. I was walking in the basement with my nurse, and we ran into doctors, residents, even the cleaning crew who were asking about him and expressed their sorrow when they heard of his death. His sister spoke of how happy she was that he was in a better place now, but she was still upset to lose him. It taught me, and I hope this may show you, that every life here has a purpose. While we may not choose that life for ourselves, we should never deny another human being the right to live. There is a purpose for every person on this earth. We may not see what our purpose is in our lifetime, we may wonder if someones sole purpose here is to annoy us, or we may be able to see the monumental things some people can accomplish during their lifetime.

 Something that appears to be a common saying in today's society is "Do not judge others". So heed your own advice America, do not judge the unborn and the potential life that they may live. Just because it's not what you would choose does not mean that you can deny them their chance to live.

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Rights" and Entitlement

    (This post is on a slightly different topic than usual)

      I think our society has forgotten what a right is.  The current debate about Planned Parenthood's federal funding has got me thinking about this.  I have seen numerous articles and videos of PP supporters outraged saying, "Congress is trying to take away our reproductive rights". I think these people are confusing about what kind of 'rights' they are talking about. I think people on both sides of the debate could benefit from rethinking what they mean when they defend their 'rights'.
     Here's the common mistake: there is a difference between rights and inalienable rights. Rights are legal entitlements, inalienable rights are things all people are born with that should never be taken away.  Whether people like to admit it or not, inalienable rights are based on morals. America's Declaration of Independence identifies what America believes to be inalienable rights - Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness.  From where I stand, I see our society as one that seems to think that everything they are legally entitled to are inalienable rights.
     We are not born with a moral entitlement to every legal right. For example, I currently have the legal right to have a driver's license and drive on public roads.  This does not mean that I was born to have a driver's license and that the right to a driver's license can never be taken away from me. According to the theory of Democracy, which America was built on, if the majority of people (or their representatives) vote to take away my right to a driver's license then I don't have a right to have a driver's license anymore. That might upset me, but I wouldn't cry foul and say that they are taking away one of my "most basic rights".  I do not have an inalienable right to own a driver's license.

     This is how I see people talking about abortion and free birth control.  PP supporters seem to be saying that it is an inalienable right for men and women to have free birth control. FREE?!?! You're telling me that I was born with a moral entitlement to a condom whenever I want one? For FREE?!?!
     Here's a thought - when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence they didn't have condoms or birth control pills. So if you think people DESERVE to have free condoms and birth control pills, does that mean Thomas Jefferson was lacking one of his inalienable rights? If people 100 years ago didn't have it, then how is it that we are now born with the right to have it?  If a majority of our elected representatives vote to not pay for your condoms, it is not taking away one of your God-given rights. If you want birth control, pay for it yourself. If you can't afford it, no one is making you have "unprotected sex".

     If Planned Parenthood wants to claim it is a NECESSARY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER and entitled to have every American help pay their bills, then they need to provide only the things that are NECESSARY for good health. Birth control, condoms, and abortions are not necessary for anyone to be healthy.  People are free to have birth control and condoms, but they are not entitled to have other people pay for it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"When Abortion Was Illegal, Tens Of Thousands Of Women Died Every Year From Back-Alley Abortions. We Won't Go Back."

     This is probably one of the most common arguments used to advocate abortion.  It is a strong argument. Like all things that try to mislead us in life, this argument is based on something we know to be good.  This statement about back-alley abortions strives to receive sympathy and compassion for women who are faced with this difficulty.  Sympathy and compassion are good things - we should have sympathy and compassion for women who are faced with this difficulty or who feel that abortion is the only option.  By playing this argument, abortion advocates set up an argument that if you disagree or oppose them you appear to be cold and cruel.  But it is so very important to show that TRUE compassion for women does not mean that you should support legalized abortion. I will first explain why this argument given by abortion advocates fails, and then will show that this argument is a LIE to begin with.
     If abortion is once again made illegal, it will be because our society has finally realized that life begins at conception and that an unborn child is a human person.  People who play this argument for back-alley deaths are still arguing under the premise that an unborn child is not a person.  But if we realize that the unborn child IS just as much of a person as women are, then we need to be concerned with saving as many lives of combined mother and children as possible.  (Again, I am not in any way down-playing the deaths of women who have died in illegal abortions - I have extreme compassion for them. No one 'should die' and I am heart-broken that those women felt that was their only option. I will provide an alternative later)  If we are trying to SAVE LIVES, we can save more lives by making abortion illegal.  Yes, there will still be a percentage of women who would probably still seek illegal abortions and the results may be fatal. This is a travesty, and I wish it would not happen. But at least 3,000 (low estimate) abortions take place in the U.S. DAILY resulting in deaths, where as even the most extreme estimates (will discuss below) say there were 10,000 illegal abortions resulting in death each YEAR before Roe v. Wade. Make abortion illegal, immediately start saving lives, and then we can turn our attention and passion to finding ways to help women who feel they still need illegal abortions.
     Furthermore, the argument of "Women will still get abortion even if it is illegal" is completely faulty. This is like saying, "Theft at gun-point happens every day even though it is illegal, so theft at gun-point should be made legal so the thief has no reason to shoot". Fear of disobedience of the law is no reason to abolish the law. I mean, the whole point is to NOT GET AN ABORTION. The law would be to PROTECT WOMEN. Even when legalized, abortion is extremely dangerous for women.

If this was understood, the next Pro-Choice response would be:
"Okay, so maybe the fear of illegal abortions isn't a great argument for legalized abortions.  But 10,000 deaths of pregnant women, AND their unborn children is still a LOT of deaths... We can't just let that happen". Unfortunately, this is where people are buying a lie. A BIG, FAT, UGLY, COMPLETE LIE.  
     Dr. Bernard Nathanson was one of the co-founders of the National Association of the Repeal of Abortion Laws, later renamed National Abortion Rights Action League, now commonly referred to as NARAL.  He was one of the most influential doctors in Roe v. Wade and specifically talked much about these back-alley abortions. He helped have the American people realize that 10,000 back-alley deaths occur a year and that 1,000,000 illegal abortions took place a year.  However, since Roe v. Wade, Dr. Nathanson has completely changed his stance on the issue of abortion. He is now a pro-life advocate (Has anyone noticed this tendency of top abortion advocates and directors to have a complete change of heart??? 'Jane Roe' from Roe v. Wade is also now a pro-life advocate.)  He has since confessed to what really went on during the push to legalize abortion. Here are some quotes from him:

"We persuaded the media that the cause of permissive abortion was a liberal enlightened,
sophisticated one. Knowing that if a true poll were taken,  we would be soundly defeated, 
we simply fabricated the results of fictional  polls."

We announced  to the media  that we 
had taken polls and that 60% of Americans were in  favour of permissive 
abortion.  This is 
the tactic of the self-fulfilling lie.  Few people care to be in the minority. We aroused 
enough sympathy to sell our program  of permissive      abortion by fabricating the number of 
illegal abortions done annually in the U.S."

The actual figure was approaching 100,000 but 
the figure  we    gave  to the media  repeatedly was 1,000,000."

The number of women dying from illegal abortions was around 
200-250  annually.   The figure  we constantly fed  to the media   was 10,000."
"We systematically vilified the Catholic Church and its 'socially backward ideas' and picked on the Catholic hierarchy as the villain in opposing abortion." 
"A favourite pro- abortion tactic is to insist that the definition of when life begins is          impossible;  that the question is a theological or moral or philosophical one,  anything  but a scientific one.  Foetology  makes it undeniably evident that life begins at conception and requires all the protection and safeguards that any of us enjoy."
So instead of accepting this lie and telling women we care for them by wide-spread           abortion, I suggest a social and cultural shift.  It's been done before and we could do it      again. We need to make sex a more sacred part of our culture, not a publicized one. Instead of telling women it's impossible to have children and be successful, we need to make both these things possible for women.  We need to make pregnancy a much more common and usual thing.  We need to have systems and programs set up in the work-place to                accommodate this aspect of natural reproduction.  It's a beautiful thing! Why don't we       embrace it?
Also, Roe v. Wade should be thrown out as a mistrial. They lied.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"We Need Abortion Because The World Is Becoming Over-Populated"

     Who's heard this one before? I know I have.  While I think this is one of the weaker Pro-Choice arguments, people still like to throw it out there.  People like to claim that a larger population creates more poverty, that a larger population causes a shortage of food, and that a larger population runs out of land to live on.  Besides the fact that these claims are FALSE, would these things really justify murdering our own children?  I may not be a parent yet, but I know I would rather sacrifice my own life than take the life of my own child (or any child, for that matter) so that I could have more food.  Even if these claims of over-population were true, I would rather work together in society to find a way to support more of my world wide family than settle for abortion.  If we come to the conclusion that abortion takes a life, then that is no better than starving people from a lack of natural resources.  The claim that abortion is necessarily to maintain resources is like saying, "X amount of people might die from natural shortages, so let's just go ahead and go against nature and murder 5X amount of people to make sure that doesn't happen".
     But like I said, it's still a moot point. Because over-population isn't real anyway. Don't believe me?  Here are some entertaining and informative clips from the folks at OverPopulationIsAMyth.com

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Thoughts On "Anti-Women" Accusations

     Do advocates of abortion really believe that every male Pro-Life supporter is trying to suppress women? I struggle with thinking that anyone could reasonably tell themselves all those people are just 'out to get women'. I mean, I'm a man, I'm Pro-Life:  I spend a lot of time and energy contemplating the horror of abortion and ways to influence people to understand and see it for what it is.  Does anyone really think I am spending all this time and energy to simply put myself above pregnant women?  What would I even have to gain from suppressing pregnant women, anyway?  Do they think I am planning to help have abortion outlawed so that one day in the distant future I might have a chance to take my pregnant manager's job because she has to take time off to give birth? That is honestly ridiculous.  That is the only type of scenario I can imagine that it is even remotely possible that a particularly malicious man could somehow personally and selfishly benefit from advocating life.  And even then, if it was my plan to do all this for personal benefit, I think I could gain a lot more for myself by taking all the life-advocacy time and spend it earning more for myself.  I just don't get it.  What would the motivation be for "taking away women's reproductive rights"?
     Referencing my earlier post, the only thing that could possibly motivate so many people to rise up to speak against abortion is if they honestly believed it was taking a life.  On the flip side, I don't think all abortion advocates are purposely trying to murder babies.  I understand that some of them, if not most of them, honestly think abortion can be a good thing.  Which is why I will try to calmly and respectfully show them that the baby in the womb is a person.  I think we'd get a lot farther in the abortion debate if we could narrow it down to this real and crucial issue.  A person's a person, from the moment of conception.  You can accuse me of being wrong, but you can't accuse me of purposely and maliciously trying to harm women.

What do I have to gain from suppressing women? Nothing.
What do I have to gain from stopping abortion? 50,000,000 of my missing friends.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Anti-Abortion Anti-Women?

     It seems to be a common argument for the acceptance of abortion that 'Pro-Lifers' are discriminatory against women. I have seen countless signs or facebook groups or youtube videos that say things like '"Keep the government out of my uterus" or "It's my body, it's my choice".  Similarly, President Obama ended a statement about the Roe v. Wade anniversary last month with, "I am committed to making sure our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams." This seems to be at the heart of the Pro-Choice position.
     However, Pro-Lifers are not trying to discriminate against women. On the contrary, they are trying to promote women and women's health.  What Pro-Lifers are trying to say is that a fetus is a person.  If those who hold the position of Pro-Choice would consider for a moment the implications of abortion IF a fetus is a human person, then things will change a little bit.  For anyone who is honest with themselves will realize that the right a person has to life is greater than the right to an abortion.  If we can show that a fetus is NOT a human person, then I completely agree that a woman has a right to an abortion.  But I do believe that a fetus is objectively a human person. I believe that the baby in the womb's right to live is greater than the woman's right to an abortion.  Therefore, the question at the center of the abortion debate is not about a woman's right to control her body: I think we can agree on that. The question truly at the center of the abortion debate: Is a fetus a human person?  

Can we agree that IF A FETUS IS A HUMAN PERSON abortion should be illegal?  If a fetus is a person, by definition, abortion is murder.

Now, as a man, I fully support a woman's right to her body.  Which is why (amongst many other reasons) I am strongly against rape.  If a woman does not want to become pregnant, the obvious answer is to not engage in sex.  She has a choice.  When a man tries to take away that choice, we call it rape and it is illegal.  But the purpose of intercourse is obviously reproduction, not simply pleasure.  The world today is trying to remove the reproductive piece while keeping the pleasure.  When a person realizes the natural results of sex, and sees how much that result of a child can change their life, THEN they might begin to see why the Church and Christians so adamantly teach that sex is to be protected by marriage.  Both men and women should reconsider the sacredness of marriage and the physical expression of their love.  The blame for the promiscuity that leads to this high demand in abortion does not fall only on women; the blame also falls on men. I would even suggest that MORE blame goes on the men. But I digress.  My main point is that being against abortion does not mean you are trying to take away women's rights or trying to degrade women. Pregnancy is a natural part of life.  No one has to be pregnant if they don't want to be.

In conclusion, there is nothing truer than this:
There is more love and joy for women in motherhood than there ever will be in abortion.

Thank you for reading.

Amazing Grace

     When I was about 5 years old, I remember learning that there was once a time in our country's history when we enslaved other human beings.  I remember feeling personally guilty for this hideous crime.  I felt that I, as a white person, was in a way responsible for the actions of what those white men did in the past.  But I felt consoled when I could confidently tell myself that if I had lived in that time period that I would have been a part of the small percentage of people who stood up against slavery.  At 5 years old, I told myself that I would have been a person who stood up for the freedom and lives of slaves even when it was unpopular.  I told myself that I would have given my life to defend the lives of those who were enslaved and killed because of slavery.
     I think it is easy for most of us to have that same mind-set in modern times.  I think a lot of people say that they would have opposed slavery.  But I don't think we always realize what opposing slavery would have been like in the 1700's and 1800's.  Most people accepted slavery and would openly ridicule you if you tried to suggest that it was wrong.  It was not common sense to anyone who seriously considered it that slavery was wrong.  There were many seemingly legitimate arguments for the acceptance of slavery.            
      For example, they would tell you, "The Bible itself gives directions on how to treat slaves." Or, "The economy would crash from the lose of plantations if slavery were abolished."  Also, "Freeing the slaves would only make them poor and miserable. It would be better to just keep them as slaves."  Along with these arguments, Pro-Enslavers would tell you that blacks were less human, and that there was a biological difference that makes them not full persons.  Some would probably tell you that since the law permits slaves that slavery is not wrong.  They would also tell you that the slave owners have a right to their slaves because they are their property and have paid for them, and that taking slaves away from owners would be violating their privacy.

     I have been contemplating these thoughts on slavery this past weekend in Washington D.C. on the March For Life.  We still have slavery in our country.  And, like in the 1800's, it is completely socially acceptable.  Abortion has taken more lives in the last 38 years than slavery did in 200 years.  Once again, our laws tell us that we "own" another person.  We say that, because of biological factors, a baby in the womb is less of a person than a baby outside the womb.  We say that it would be better to kill a human being than to allow them to be born into poverty.  We say that we cannot financially afford to outlaw abortion.  We say that keeping a life alive is a violation of privacy.  DO THESE ARGUMENTS SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANYONE?!?!?!
     I believe I am now fulfilling that promise I made to myself when I was 5 years old.  I will give myself to defend those who are defenseless.  I understand that the other side has arguments it tries to make, but I believe in what is right.  I hope and pray that all people who see the unborn child as a person will rise up with the same intensity and energy that I feel now.  Regardless of how unpopular or difficult it is.  I believe that anyone who believes they would have opposed slavery should answer this call.

I do find it extremely ironic that our first African-American President is one of the strongest supporters of abortion in our country's history.