Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Thoughts On "Anti-Women" Accusations

     Do advocates of abortion really believe that every male Pro-Life supporter is trying to suppress women? I struggle with thinking that anyone could reasonably tell themselves all those people are just 'out to get women'. I mean, I'm a man, I'm Pro-Life:  I spend a lot of time and energy contemplating the horror of abortion and ways to influence people to understand and see it for what it is.  Does anyone really think I am spending all this time and energy to simply put myself above pregnant women?  What would I even have to gain from suppressing pregnant women, anyway?  Do they think I am planning to help have abortion outlawed so that one day in the distant future I might have a chance to take my pregnant manager's job because she has to take time off to give birth? That is honestly ridiculous.  That is the only type of scenario I can imagine that it is even remotely possible that a particularly malicious man could somehow personally and selfishly benefit from advocating life.  And even then, if it was my plan to do all this for personal benefit, I think I could gain a lot more for myself by taking all the life-advocacy time and spend it earning more for myself.  I just don't get it.  What would the motivation be for "taking away women's reproductive rights"?
     Referencing my earlier post, the only thing that could possibly motivate so many people to rise up to speak against abortion is if they honestly believed it was taking a life.  On the flip side, I don't think all abortion advocates are purposely trying to murder babies.  I understand that some of them, if not most of them, honestly think abortion can be a good thing.  Which is why I will try to calmly and respectfully show them that the baby in the womb is a person.  I think we'd get a lot farther in the abortion debate if we could narrow it down to this real and crucial issue.  A person's a person, from the moment of conception.  You can accuse me of being wrong, but you can't accuse me of purposely and maliciously trying to harm women.

What do I have to gain from suppressing women? Nothing.
What do I have to gain from stopping abortion? 50,000,000 of my missing friends.

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