Sunday, February 6, 2011

"We Need Abortion Because The World Is Becoming Over-Populated"

     Who's heard this one before? I know I have.  While I think this is one of the weaker Pro-Choice arguments, people still like to throw it out there.  People like to claim that a larger population creates more poverty, that a larger population causes a shortage of food, and that a larger population runs out of land to live on.  Besides the fact that these claims are FALSE, would these things really justify murdering our own children?  I may not be a parent yet, but I know I would rather sacrifice my own life than take the life of my own child (or any child, for that matter) so that I could have more food.  Even if these claims of over-population were true, I would rather work together in society to find a way to support more of my world wide family than settle for abortion.  If we come to the conclusion that abortion takes a life, then that is no better than starving people from a lack of natural resources.  The claim that abortion is necessarily to maintain resources is like saying, "X amount of people might die from natural shortages, so let's just go ahead and go against nature and murder 5X amount of people to make sure that doesn't happen".
     But like I said, it's still a moot point. Because over-population isn't real anyway. Don't believe me?  Here are some entertaining and informative clips from the folks at

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