Saturday, February 19, 2011

"When Abortion Was Illegal, Tens Of Thousands Of Women Died Every Year From Back-Alley Abortions. We Won't Go Back."

     This is probably one of the most common arguments used to advocate abortion.  It is a strong argument. Like all things that try to mislead us in life, this argument is based on something we know to be good.  This statement about back-alley abortions strives to receive sympathy and compassion for women who are faced with this difficulty.  Sympathy and compassion are good things - we should have sympathy and compassion for women who are faced with this difficulty or who feel that abortion is the only option.  By playing this argument, abortion advocates set up an argument that if you disagree or oppose them you appear to be cold and cruel.  But it is so very important to show that TRUE compassion for women does not mean that you should support legalized abortion. I will first explain why this argument given by abortion advocates fails, and then will show that this argument is a LIE to begin with.
     If abortion is once again made illegal, it will be because our society has finally realized that life begins at conception and that an unborn child is a human person.  People who play this argument for back-alley deaths are still arguing under the premise that an unborn child is not a person.  But if we realize that the unborn child IS just as much of a person as women are, then we need to be concerned with saving as many lives of combined mother and children as possible.  (Again, I am not in any way down-playing the deaths of women who have died in illegal abortions - I have extreme compassion for them. No one 'should die' and I am heart-broken that those women felt that was their only option. I will provide an alternative later)  If we are trying to SAVE LIVES, we can save more lives by making abortion illegal.  Yes, there will still be a percentage of women who would probably still seek illegal abortions and the results may be fatal. This is a travesty, and I wish it would not happen. But at least 3,000 (low estimate) abortions take place in the U.S. DAILY resulting in deaths, where as even the most extreme estimates (will discuss below) say there were 10,000 illegal abortions resulting in death each YEAR before Roe v. Wade. Make abortion illegal, immediately start saving lives, and then we can turn our attention and passion to finding ways to help women who feel they still need illegal abortions.
     Furthermore, the argument of "Women will still get abortion even if it is illegal" is completely faulty. This is like saying, "Theft at gun-point happens every day even though it is illegal, so theft at gun-point should be made legal so the thief has no reason to shoot". Fear of disobedience of the law is no reason to abolish the law. I mean, the whole point is to NOT GET AN ABORTION. The law would be to PROTECT WOMEN. Even when legalized, abortion is extremely dangerous for women.

If this was understood, the next Pro-Choice response would be:
"Okay, so maybe the fear of illegal abortions isn't a great argument for legalized abortions.  But 10,000 deaths of pregnant women, AND their unborn children is still a LOT of deaths... We can't just let that happen". Unfortunately, this is where people are buying a lie. A BIG, FAT, UGLY, COMPLETE LIE.  
     Dr. Bernard Nathanson was one of the co-founders of the National Association of the Repeal of Abortion Laws, later renamed National Abortion Rights Action League, now commonly referred to as NARAL.  He was one of the most influential doctors in Roe v. Wade and specifically talked much about these back-alley abortions. He helped have the American people realize that 10,000 back-alley deaths occur a year and that 1,000,000 illegal abortions took place a year.  However, since Roe v. Wade, Dr. Nathanson has completely changed his stance on the issue of abortion. He is now a pro-life advocate (Has anyone noticed this tendency of top abortion advocates and directors to have a complete change of heart??? 'Jane Roe' from Roe v. Wade is also now a pro-life advocate.)  He has since confessed to what really went on during the push to legalize abortion. Here are some quotes from him:

"We persuaded the media that the cause of permissive abortion was a liberal enlightened,
sophisticated one. Knowing that if a true poll were taken,  we would be soundly defeated, 
we simply fabricated the results of fictional  polls."

We announced  to the media  that we 
had taken polls and that 60% of Americans were in  favour of permissive 
abortion.  This is 
the tactic of the self-fulfilling lie.  Few people care to be in the minority. We aroused 
enough sympathy to sell our program  of permissive      abortion by fabricating the number of 
illegal abortions done annually in the U.S."

The actual figure was approaching 100,000 but 
the figure  we    gave  to the media  repeatedly was 1,000,000."

The number of women dying from illegal abortions was around 
200-250  annually.   The figure  we constantly fed  to the media   was 10,000."
"We systematically vilified the Catholic Church and its 'socially backward ideas' and picked on the Catholic hierarchy as the villain in opposing abortion." 
"A favourite pro- abortion tactic is to insist that the definition of when life begins is          impossible;  that the question is a theological or moral or philosophical one,  anything  but a scientific one.  Foetology  makes it undeniably evident that life begins at conception and requires all the protection and safeguards that any of us enjoy."
So instead of accepting this lie and telling women we care for them by wide-spread           abortion, I suggest a social and cultural shift.  It's been done before and we could do it      again. We need to make sex a more sacred part of our culture, not a publicized one. Instead of telling women it's impossible to have children and be successful, we need to make both these things possible for women.  We need to make pregnancy a much more common and usual thing.  We need to have systems and programs set up in the work-place to                accommodate this aspect of natural reproduction.  It's a beautiful thing! Why don't we       embrace it?
Also, Roe v. Wade should be thrown out as a mistrial. They lied.

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