Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Anti-Abortion Anti-Women?

     It seems to be a common argument for the acceptance of abortion that 'Pro-Lifers' are discriminatory against women. I have seen countless signs or facebook groups or youtube videos that say things like '"Keep the government out of my uterus" or "It's my body, it's my choice".  Similarly, President Obama ended a statement about the Roe v. Wade anniversary last month with, "I am committed to making sure our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams." This seems to be at the heart of the Pro-Choice position.
     However, Pro-Lifers are not trying to discriminate against women. On the contrary, they are trying to promote women and women's health.  What Pro-Lifers are trying to say is that a fetus is a person.  If those who hold the position of Pro-Choice would consider for a moment the implications of abortion IF a fetus is a human person, then things will change a little bit.  For anyone who is honest with themselves will realize that the right a person has to life is greater than the right to an abortion.  If we can show that a fetus is NOT a human person, then I completely agree that a woman has a right to an abortion.  But I do believe that a fetus is objectively a human person. I believe that the baby in the womb's right to live is greater than the woman's right to an abortion.  Therefore, the question at the center of the abortion debate is not about a woman's right to control her body: I think we can agree on that. The question truly at the center of the abortion debate: Is a fetus a human person?  

Can we agree that IF A FETUS IS A HUMAN PERSON abortion should be illegal?  If a fetus is a person, by definition, abortion is murder.

Now, as a man, I fully support a woman's right to her body.  Which is why (amongst many other reasons) I am strongly against rape.  If a woman does not want to become pregnant, the obvious answer is to not engage in sex.  She has a choice.  When a man tries to take away that choice, we call it rape and it is illegal.  But the purpose of intercourse is obviously reproduction, not simply pleasure.  The world today is trying to remove the reproductive piece while keeping the pleasure.  When a person realizes the natural results of sex, and sees how much that result of a child can change their life, THEN they might begin to see why the Church and Christians so adamantly teach that sex is to be protected by marriage.  Both men and women should reconsider the sacredness of marriage and the physical expression of their love.  The blame for the promiscuity that leads to this high demand in abortion does not fall only on women; the blame also falls on men. I would even suggest that MORE blame goes on the men. But I digress.  My main point is that being against abortion does not mean you are trying to take away women's rights or trying to degrade women. Pregnancy is a natural part of life.  No one has to be pregnant if they don't want to be.

In conclusion, there is nothing truer than this:
There is more love and joy for women in motherhood than there ever will be in abortion.

Thank you for reading.

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