Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today I found this video from Students for Life of America:

I thought this was a powerful and beautiful video. It got me thinking: "What would a video like this from the Pro-Choice side look like?" I have a hard time picturing how the other side could even attempt to make a video like this intended to be beautiful and powerful.  Is there anything beautiful about the "right to choose an abortion"? If anyone reading this can give an example to answer this question, please comment or message me. Because I'm stumped.

So why is it that the Pro-Life movement seems easily able to create emotionally powerful messages? Why is there beauty here? After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is because the Pro-Life movement is not focused on itself. Those who support Life have nothing to gain - we all survived to birth. Abortion is no longer a threat to us. But we are going to fight for our fellow human beings who are being dealt the ultimate injustice - having their life violently taken from them during the most precious and vulnerable stage of life. Pro-Choice is focused on 'the Self': what I want, MY body, MY choices. That's why we have difficulty finding beauty on the Pro-Choice side.

Think about this:
Why do we find weddings beautiful? Why do parents weep for joy at the child's birth? Why are we inspired by the crucifixion? Why do we find movies like The Titanic or Saving Private Ryan beautiful or tearjerking?
It is because the beauty in humanity is in self-sacrifice. Weddings are beautiful because two people are giving up themselves for each other. The birth of a child is beautiful because it is all about someone ELSE's new life. The crucifixion is the ultimate sacrifice for other people, who don't deserve it at all but received that sacrifice anyway. Movies are powerful when people put others before themselves.  Warriors who are inspired in battle do it for the sake of the freedom or life of those they love. Self-sacrifice is what we naturally find beautiful. It has been this way throughout all of humanity.

I don't think Pro-Choice people can be inspired forever. It requires fighting for other people to be truly inspired. When fighting for yourself, eventually you'll get sick of yourself.

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